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Rio Grande Natural Area

Rio Grande Natural Area


The Rio Grande Natural Area Act was passed on October 12th, 2006.  The Rio Grande Natural Area (RGNA) was established in order to conserve, restore and protect
natural, historic, cultural, scientific, scenic, wildlife, and recreational resources of the natural area.


boundaries of the RGNA include the Rio Grande, from the southern boundary of the Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge to the New Mexico State border extending one quarter of a mile on either side of the river bank.

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Rio Grande Natural Area Commission

The Rio Grande Natural Area Commission is comprised of nine members that are appointed by the Secretary of the Interior.  The RGNA Comimssion has only just recently been formed.  As a result the RGNA Commission is in the process of writing a management plan for the private lands within the Rio Grande Natural Area.  Their next meeting will take place on Wednesday October 12th, 2011.  Please see our calendar for more information.

Member Organization Title
Helen Hankins
Bureau of Land Management

Colorado State Director

Craig Cotton Colorado Division of Water Resources
Division III Engineer

Mike Blenden U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Project Manager

Rick Basagoitia Colorado Division of Wildlife
Area Manager

Steve Vandiver

Rio Grande Water Conservation District General Manager
Rio de la Vista
Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust

Mike Willet
Private Citizen

Paul Robertson
The Nature Conservency

Harold Anderson
Private Citizen


The Bureau of Land Management's RGNA website contains more information on the commission and past meeting records. The website can be reached by clicking here.




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