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The court has made two rulings on the Plan of Water Management for Special Improvement District #1. These decisions have been appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court for final judicial determination and have been affirmed. These rulings may be viewed from the following links:

Judge Swift's ruling dated April 10, 2013

Order Partially Granting and Partially Denying Supporters' Motion to Dismiss dated August 10th, 2012

Order Denying Motion For A Determination That The 2012 ARP is not in effect and For An Order That The State Engineer Curtail All Subdistrict Well Pumping Dated August 9th, 2012 

Comfirmation of the ruling on Subdistrict #1 dated December 19th, 2011   

Judge Kuenhold's ruling dated June 29, 2010

Judge Kuenhold's ruling dated May 27, 2010

Judge_Kuenhols_ruling dated February 18, 2009

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