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Plan of Water Management
The Plan of Water Management for Special Improvement District #1 was adopted by the Board of Directors of the Rio Grande Water Conservation District on June 15, 2009, in accordance with the provisions of section 37-48-126, C.R.S.  Judge Kuenhold ruled on the Plan of Management with amendments on June, 2010.  The following are links to the approved Plan and Appendices:

Plan of Water Management

Attachment #1 Plate 1_Circ_18

Appendix 1-Annual Replacement Plan

Appendix 2-Surface Water Credit Calculation

Appendix 3-Subdistrict #1 Wells

Appendix#4-Budget and Accounting Plan

Appendix 5-Operational Timelines

Rules and Regulations for Subdistrict #1

Section 7-Surface Water_Credit_Calculations Rules_and_Regulations

Substitute Water Supply Plan


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