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Subdistrict #1

Water levels of the unconfined aquifer within Special Improvement District No. 1 (Subdistrict #1) (areas within the closed basin) are rapidly declining and are exceeding the total amount of recharge from natural sources and from diversions of the Rio Grande.  This recent decline in the water table is a direct result of a prolonged drought and increased groundwater consumption and the rapid decline in the water table will only worsen unless the total consumption of groundwater is reduced. 

Subdistrict #1 was recognized as a legal entity in 2006 and formed in order to take action and help restore a balance between available water supplies and current levels of water use so that the San Luis Valley can continue to remain a sustainable agricultural community.

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The Subdistrict No. 1, 2017 Annual Replacement Plan received State Engineer approval on May 1st, 2017.
The Annual Replacement Plan can be viewed here and the appendices can be viewed here.





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